Dublin 25th, October. Mr Glenn Murphy (FICS) has been elected Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in Ireland at its 44th Annual General Meeting. His nomination was proposed by the outgoing Chairman and seconded by Mr Brian Kerr (FICS). He replaces outgoing Chairman Mr Sean McCabe (FICS), who served for the previous 2 years.

The following other officers were also duly elected at the AGM :

                                                                                       Proposed                   Seconded

Vice Chairman           Mr.  M. Pavitt               Mr. G. Murphy             Mr. D. Dunne

Secretary                     Mrs. H. Park                  Ms.  C. Davis                Mr. P.Smith

Education Officer      Mr. D. Dunne               Mr. B. Kerr                    Mr. P. Smith    

Treasurer                    Mr. L. Torum                Mr. G. Murphy             Ms.  H. Park

Asst.  Treasurer         Mrs. M. O’Reilly          Mr. L. Torum               Mr. M. Pavitt



Mr. Gareth Ryan was proposed by Mr. G. Murphy and seconded by Mrs. H. Park.

Mr. Joseph Richardson was proposed by Mr. D. dunne and seconded by Mrs. M. O’Reilly.

Mr. R. Cronin was proposed, as Student Representative, by Mr. B. Kerr and seconded by Ms. C. Davis.


The following outgoing committee members were also reappointed ;-

Mr Gordon McMillan

Mr Sean McCabe


The new committee will have its first meeting on January 25th 2019.